Meditech develops and manufactures non-invasive blood pressure and ECG monitoring of high blood pressure, coronary disease, arrhythmias and other cardiovascular diseases. Meditech philosophy is centered on quality and reliability of innovative products, flexibility and responsiveness to customers.

Holter ECG Monitoring

CardioMera is a 1 to 5 channel, lightweight Holter ECG with an all-inclusive software package, which includes beat classification, ST statistics, arrhythmia analysis, time and frequency domain HRV.

24 hour BP Monitoring

Long-life, easy to use ambulatory blood pressure monitors. ABPM-05 with manual programming, IP22 water-resistance rating. Clinically validated to the BHS and AAMI accuracy criteria.

Sleep Apnea Pre-Screening

Meditech apneABP combined 24-hour BP, SpO2 monitor and actigraph supports cost-effective sleep apnea and hypertension screening in primary care.

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